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Rackspace Review Customer reviews of Rackspace hosting (managed, email)

Not yet ready to give the company five stars.


Hello. I am one of the Rackspace customers who's not yet ready to give the company five stars. I don't think they're as bad as some people claim they are, but I'm also not ready to declare them the greatest web host on earth. My two issues with Rackspace are cost and setup.

Starting with the cost, when I first went to Rackspace it was with minimal requirements for cloud environment. I use a number of different hosts for various reasons, so what I need from Rackspace wasn't all that much. To my dismay I found the price to be quite a bit more than I was expecting. I'll have to be honest, I was really in need of excellent support and they have a reputation for providing that. They've lived up to that reputation thus far so I guess the higher price is worth it.

Moving onto the setup, it wasn't as easy as I was expecting. I heard other people say that their account manager and tech support helped them through the setup and they were up and running in 15 or 20 minutes. I didn't have such an easy experience. We ran into several difficulties with some of the software I was using and it ended up taking quite a bit longer. In the end they did get it right, so I will give them credit for that.

As far as the rest of it goes, I am very pleased with their billing department, support staff, and my personal account manager. Whenever I have to get in touch with someone they're always there to answer the phone or respond to e-mail. There have even been a couple times when the person I initially got in touch with could not help me, yet instead of trying to make excuses or passed me off to someone else, I was redirected to the right person with the right answer.

Overall I think the company is good. They could simplify the setup process and make their FTP a little bit better, so I'll give them only four stars for now.

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Reviewer: Wolf Gray

Rating: (4 / 5)

Date: 2012-02-29