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Rackspace Review Customer reviews of Rackspace hosting (managed, email)

Our experience with Rackspace is close to perfect!


It's not possible to have an absolutely perfect web host experience, but our experience with Rackspace has been pretty darn close!

We came to Rackspace because we had a terrible experience with our previous provider. Right away we were impressed with the salesman because he worked with us to stay within budget and didn't apply any pressure for us to sign up. We had read other reviews about aggressive salesman but that wasn't the case for us.

Like other reviewers have said, when we started we were given an account manager who contacted us and helped us through the setup process. Without much effort we got the server up and running with all the software we needed -- and we only had to contact tech support a couple of times (I don't know if that's good or bad?!). I guess the biggest thing we found during setup was the fact that they were willing to help us even with the software they don't officially support. We had questions about mail lists and they helped us there too.

Since we have been with Rackspace we've never called and been put on hold. They answer the phones right away - and with a real live human being instead of a computer. That's definitely a plus for us. And yes, they really are there 24 hours a day just like they say they are. We've had to call in the wee hours of the morning when a site went down, and somebody was always there to help.

Overall, we find their support and service to be excellent. Their people are friendly and knowledgeable, they are always willing to help where they can, and willing to refer you elsewhere when they can't, and they take all of the worry and hassles out of being a reseller. Our only complaint, and it's really not that big, is the cost. But you get what you pay for!

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Reviewer: pbdesigns

Rating: (5 / 5)

Date: 2011-07-17