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Rackspace Review Customer reviews of Rackspace hosting (managed, email)

Rackspace support is where it's at!


We may be a small company, but we don't like being made to feel as though we're insignificant. It's important to us to know we matter to any vendor we deal with, especially one as vital as our web host. We have multiple servers with Rackspace, hosting more than two dozen sites, and I've never lost any sleep worrying about keeping them up and running.

Compared to the last company we were with, the support provided by Rackspace is immeasurably better. In fact, for their support alone we have no desire to ever switch to another host. Whether we use a phone call or their ticketing system, our issues always get dealt with quickly and in a professional manner. Often times they are solved right on the spot when we call them. Not only that, but every support ticket is backed up so we can refer to it later on if we have the same issue again.

For sure, we didn't switch to Rackspace originally because of their price -- we were getting service for just about the same price elsewhere. But once we got moved over it became abundantly clear that we were getting better servers and better support, which would make it worth paying extra for if that were the case.

To our company, support is everything, and our relationship with Rackspace has only served to confirm that conviction. If quality support and uptime are more important to you than a cheap price, Rackspace is where it's at!

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Reviewer: Simone Parrish

Rating: (5 / 5)

Date: 2011-01-21